Nipple drinking for Poultry houses

What is nipple drinking? A nipple drinker is a system of pipes with small nipples fitted. The pipe s and nipples run around the house and allow the chickens in the chicken house to drink easily without messing water. Each time a chicken or chick pecks at the nipple it release a drop of water, and if it is at the right height, the water goes straight down the throat of the chicken – without messing on the litter of shavings in the chicken house.

chicken drinking at nipples

Chicken at nipple drinkers

A nipple drinking system can be used in tandem with a chain feeding system and is raised and lowered on a winching system. This allows to raise the nipple and chain feeders as the chickens grow. It also make it very easy to clean the poultry house – you simply winch the whole system up to the roof. This system is only for large chicken houses – for small poultry houses you would use bell drinkers.

Nipple drinking systems available in South Africa from poultry equipment suppliers include Impex nipples and Val nipples – both are excellent products although Impex nipples are slightly cheaper.

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  1. bryan lind says:

    Hi locking for water nipples for pig farming urgently

    thank u bryan

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