Poultry heaters for chicken houses

The best poultry heater for a chicken house is a gas heater. A gas heater gives instant heat and with a proper gas brooder the rheostat controls the temperature for you, switching on and off as required. In South Africa there are several brands of chicken heatersdo not think that a gas heater from a hardware store is the same – as attractive as the price is.

best way to heat a poultry house - gas heater

M8 gas brooder from Gasolec

These heaters are not for commercial use and will soon stop working due to dust and wear and tear. In fact poultry heaters, due to their versatility and long life are a much better option than any other gas heater – the public often buy the gas heaters for their stoep or veranda. Gas heaters are generally used inĀ  poultry houses that raise broiler chickens – the day old chickens need to be kept warm for the first weeks, having no mother hen to provide heat. They are also used in poultry houses with battery cages – but only in very cold places. These heaters should be used in conjunction with a Min Max thermometer and a Wet Dry Thermometer to maintain the correct temperatures for raising broilers.

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