Bell drinkers for poultry

Bell drinkers are plastic bell shaped items that automatically dispense water for chickens to drink. As the chickens drink water from the bell drinker – so the weight decreases. A valve opens and allows more water into the bell drinker.

Bell drinkers South AfricaThis is great if you have many chickens and you do not want to be continually filling up water fonts – you will need a header tank and a manifold system to allow the bell drinkers to work. The other upside is that you can medicate all your chickens at once by adding the medication to the water source. The height of each bell drinker is adjustable – so as the chicken grow you can raise the bell drinker – this means a lot less mess and no wet litter or shavings. You can also adjust the flow of water into the bell drinker. Bell drinkers are available from most poultry equipment suppliers in South Africa. For a very large chicken house a nipple drinking system is better. Bell drinkers, nipple drinkers, poultry drinkers are all ways to give your chicken water. Watering chickens is a very important aspect of chicken farming – giving chickens water or broilers water in a chicken house is critical – and can waste a lot of time – which means money!

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